Fun friday night


Let's have a fun friday shall we?

It's been really hot during the day and when the night is coming the air slowly becomes more breeadble, so slowly we begin to feel the night's surprises!

And here's the friday's night outfit:





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Have a great and maybe naughty :P weekend all!!!!

New necklace for selene and a fun afternoon


I've shoot some new pictures for selenedream when my dear friend Chriss came to visit us in Bucharest!

It was a really fun afternoon that ended up to be a really fun night!

And here are some pictures for my new necklace:

and here's a picture with me and Chriss fooling around:

Thanks for the photos to Emilia from Emilia Holtea

Be nice and N joy!

My friday night outfit


So here I am, after changing so many outfits till I've decided what outfit I'll wear tonight...

I am just joking, I am still working, with some projects around me, so the only outfit I'll see tonight are the pijamas ,hi hi :D

But still, that doesn't mean I can't have a little inspiration board for the wild nights that are about to come....sometimes...somtimes soon I hope :P

So here is my friday outfit:

1.peacock feather print ,summer dress by natafashion
2.Vivienne Westwood snakeskin mules by shopcaramiavintage
3.Vintage Crop sweater by ForeverAgain
4.Cone seashell earrings by selenedream

For more Friday's outfits just check Star of the East blog!!!

Have a great and maybe naughty :P weekend all!!!!

Friday night outfit


Hello all :)

This is the a new "game" that we will play on StaroftheEast blog. Of course that doesn't mean that this isn't also a game that we play at home every once in a while...ok, ok some of us are playing it every day :P

This is a cool outfit made out of some items that I've found on Etsy. It also includes one of my limited edition items ;)

Here it goes:

1.dress from AguayoNY
2.necklace from aplusdesignnn
3.ring from AbleCrewVintage
4.vintage shoes from nihanatakan

You can see more fun friday outfits on Star's blog!

Have a great weekend!

ps: What will you be wearing this weekend?

Monday Moodboard- French Kiss


As seen on Star's blog, this will be the last Monday Mooboard hosted by her blog!
I've got my inspiration for this one from my last haircut :)) (yes, I know it's not that fun and also a bit narcissistic :P ).

I wanted to name the blogpost "Kiss me like one of your french girls" a little reminder to "Draw me like one of your frech girls" meme :))) but I've decided I can just go for a kiss :)

Here it is:


All the items are from french shops :)

Have a great week all!

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Spring "cleaning" glass design

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Yes, I know it's the hardest part of the upcoming spring but let's face it, we should clean our houses for spring right?!!! :D

The hardest part from the spring cleaning is washing the windows at least for me it is :P. Thinking about it, i wanted to share some finds with you. No, it's not about big windows :))) but it's somehow related. Here are some glass objects that I really like at this moment:


from John Pomp

via Homeadore

by Frederik Delbart via beopenfuture


from Spoon & Tamago’s summary of the Tama Art University Class of 2012 Product Design via

by Antonio da Ros via

by DB Glassworks via


by benjamin hubert studio via designboom

by Welmadeproducts via apartmenttherapy

via zzkko

And here are some DIY ideas :)

via annaleenashem


this is not a diy project and here's where you can find this great chandelier: PaniJurek

Don't forget to check out for part II the upcoming days!!!

Monday Moodboard Spring flowers


Spring is here so I justwanted to share some beautiful flowers I found on etsy :)
Be happy and enjoy the season !!!!

And here's a spring quote that i can feel related right now:

"It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you've got it, you want - oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!" ~Mark Twain


Have a great week all!

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