East European Comic Con - or a story of a transformation in Alice from Resident Evil


Comic Con is hereeee !

Wait, Comic Con was here! Time flies, I remained in my "zombie killer mood" !
Yes, East European Comic Con was in Bucharest on 8-10 May and yes, of course I've been there, and of course I've dressed up!
Since it was my first time at Comic Con (it's the third year edition here in Bucharest) I was very excited and eager to see the special guests, the activities and of course the Cosplay costumes!

Beeing a big fan of zombie movies, I chose to cosplay Alice from Resident Evil!

Giving a red torn dress and a pair of leather booths I've departed towards the event! Since I don't have a sewing machine my mum helped with the dress! (Lucky me ). The boots are already 6 or 7 years old, I wore just 2 or 3 times, it seems they've expected they Time of Glory!

The shorts are vintage, they were supposed to get into my Selenefashion Vintage Shop but I liked them too much and I decided to keep them!

So here are some photos with the outfit:

Of course I didn't understood the proportion of Cosplay for Comic Con! There were lots of people with amazing handmade costumes, mainly from video-games or comics!

There was also a gaming zone, but since i only played Solitaire (on Windows :P ) I couldn't relate with anything that happend there :)))
Nevertheless they had some amazing gadgets for gamers! The place was crowded, but the average age span was 10-16 years.
It looks like adults were more into Cosplay and kids into video-games :)

Beside the booths with figurines, costumes, posters and other souvenirs with the world's favourites characters (mainly Game of Thrones and Marvel superheroes) there were also Romanian graphic designers and Illustrators (on the upper flor of C1 hall).
I couldn't resist and I've taken a post card from Pisica Patrata (and he signed it from me :) ) and some stickers from Meow & Meuw.

In the meantime in the 2 big halls (C2 and a part of C1) there were constantly meetings and conferences including the qualifier of the Cosplay World Masters Competition (CWM).

You could of course make a photo or exchange a few words and get an autograph from the actors/special guests invited at the event!
This year there were:

1. John Noble- from Lord of the Rings and Fringe
2. Robert Knepper from Prison Break, Heroes
3. Kristian Nairn from Game of Thrones
4. Manu Bennet from Spartacus and Arrow (he also played Azog in The Hobbit)
5. Osric Chau from Supernatural

Between the "special guests" was also the Iron Throne. I didn't understood why it was a "guest" but who knows what is to be expected from Game of Thrones's George R.R. Martin?????!!??

And here's me staying on top of the "Special guest" :))

A few photos with some of the Cosplayers I saw wandering around at Comic Con!

For more photos you can check the East European Comic Con Facebook Page!

A nice video made by staicubrothers.com

Don't forget to N Joy!

Alice ;)

Big city life, country girl

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Soooooo I found this amazing blue jeans dress that made me feel like a 70's farm girl! It's still in fashion even if it's vintage! I think this style is classic and will remain like this in the future!
Can you imagine yourself in the some Arizona desert, or even in some corn fields, the sun up in the sky, your hat on?
How about that feeling instead of the aglomeration and polution the city give you everyday?

Wind in the hair, nature really close,oh well...HAPINESS!

So here is the dress! Please enjoy it!

And here I was "just" playing Hide& Seek :D, the cat way:)))

All the best!

Anda :)

Transparent vintage dress


I always dreamed about the perfect summer dress, that dress that is elegant, but still comfortable, easy to wear and also vapourous.
When I finally found it I fallen in love with it!
It just took me into a dreamy world, in the 60's, at a cocktail afternoon party in the garden or maybe in the interbelic Bucharest in a beautiful art deco house having a chat with some inspiring ladies.

I love this image, it reminds me about an art deco poster:

With love, Anda :)

Love the sun and let the sun love you!

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It's summer already!

And yes the sun is here all day long! Maybe that's why is hot... ?!??

So I've taught I share some tanning tips & tricks that helped me trough my "burning" years!
I admit I made some many mistakes being young, didn't always used sun protection, I've stayed outside in the sun even in the worst hours (10 p.m. to 16.00 p.m.) and the result was always "on fire".

Well, this can be avoided...so I decided not to go outside in the summer! Not ever! So I will have a beautiful whitish tan, like a porcelain doll!
But.. all my plans felt trough when I've seen Him! There's no way you can stay inside in summer, when the SUN is up on the sky!

So I've searched for solutions to my problem!

Here you go, 5 tips & tricks for the a great and safe tan, inspired by the L'Erbolario

1. Exfoliate your skin

Before tanning you should make sure you've exfoliated, actually tanning or not you should exfoliate your skin! It's necessary to exfoliate your skin to remove oils and fragrances and to expose the top layer of the skin. Removing the dead skin cells will make your skin tan evenly.
Salt scrubs are best for oily skin, while sugar scrubs are ideal for those with normal to dry skin. The latter is also much more gentle on the skin, so it's better for anyone that tends to be a bit sensitive.
Since we love the vacations in the summer I've chosen this Mini Cocoa Butter Scrub that it' so easy to carry around.

image via thebodyshop.com

2. Sunscreen protection

Sun damage causes over 80% of aging. Wearing sunscreen is a single, easy step that protects your skin from all that damage and saves tons of money on anti-aging creams later.
The perfect product for this is L'Erbolario Sunscreen with golden palm oil SPF 50
With four different filters, this cream consistency pleasant, easy to apply, grant fair skin or sensitivity to the tranquility of a safe and effective protection.
But the thing I like the most about this sunscreen is that it's made of natural products.

image via erbolario.comin Romania you can find them at Sensiblu

3. Moisturize

There is no point in tanning if your skin is dry and flaky. If your skin isn't moisturized the tan won't last. The skin that it's already dry will transform under the sun's heat in dead skin, exfoliating, creating this way a "fake tan" that will go off with the dead skin.
Areas to focus: elbows, wrists, hands, knees, ankles.
Here is my choice regarding this matter.

image via sephora.com

4. Maintain a Radiant Glow

Use a gentle body cleanser, like a fresh mint shower gel, that washes away impurities without drying, fading or leaving an unpleasant residue. Smooth the gel over your skin every day in the shower or bath instead of using ordinary soap or bath gel.

image via lookfantastic.com

5. Protection for all your body
Not only the skin is a risk when you are taking a sunbath. Your head should be covered so a hat would be the best choice.
You should also protect your hair, because it can alo burn or became lighter.
Save your eyes, always wear protective UV sunglasses.
And hydrate! Consume loads of water before, in between and after the tanning!

image via theorchidboutique.com

And that's it! :)

Enjoy your vacation whenever it may be! And please keep in mind that the SUN is EVERYWHERE!

Au revoir et bonnes baignes de soleil!


Fashion trend focus: Pleated skirt

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Hello everyone,

I decided to start this blog series focusing on today's and tomorrow fashion trends.
Today I will present one of the most acclaimed skirt of this season,the pleated skirt, particullary the graphic,color block and black and white variations.
Not only the skirt is perfect for the summer, beeing vaporous but it's also elegant in this particular case, falling off of the school girl image.

Here is my own interpretation of this trend, featuring a skirt from Selenefashion

shoes: H&M, crop top: Topshop, skirt: SeleneFashion

Please check also how those ladies are wearing it:

via Oraclefox

via PortablePackage

From the runaway:

Harper's Bazaar

Michael Kors, Celine, Proenza Schouler

Have an amazing day!

New look- For a new begging

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Sooooo, I've been gone for a long time now, but I struggle to find some time for my passions and my interests!
Since I've opened yet another shop on Etsy, I've decided to make a post about it and about what I'm selling.

I really hope you will enjoy it !

This is a vintage shop called SeleneFashion where you will find all kinds of fashion clothes, accessories,garnets that will fulfill our fashion needs and will make trendy and fashionable in a glimpse!

First here's a look with a beautiful vintage plaid dress:

Plaid and checkered clothes were between the designers preferences since A/W 2013 and they've continued in S/S 2014 as well, with some variations, demonstrating that plaid can also be used in spring and summer!

Emilia helped me with some fashion advices and she selected some instances from the runaway:

1. Moschino
2. Derek Lam
3. Balmain

And here are also some examples on how you can play with a plaid ensemble spotted on London streets at London Fashion Week spring-summer 2014:

1.Cristina Centenera
2.Miroslava Duma
3.Kate Owen

Thank you Emilie for the amazing tips!

Fun friday night


Let's have a fun friday shall we?

It's been really hot during the day and when the night is coming the air slowly becomes more breeadble, so slowly we begin to feel the night's surprises!

And here's the friday's night outfit:





For more Friday's outfits just check Star of the East blog!!!

Have a great and maybe naughty :P weekend all!!!!